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Why Should I Apply NCLEX Now ?
If you are a foreign educated nurse and planning to work in the USA then it is highly adviced to to become an USRN while you are seeking an US employer.The only way you can increase your chances to get hired and stick out ...

USA Becoming a United States Registered Nurse (U.S.R.N). You have finally graduated and now you want to work as a registered nurse in the United States. We can assist you to get licensed in the U.S. regardless you live in the U.S. or somewhere else. Learn More

If you are a nurse educated outside the United States and planning to work in the United States as a registered nurse we can assist you to get licensed as an U.S. nurse. Once you get licensed you will be increasing your chances to get hired and petitioned by a U.S employer greatly.

We have assisted tens of thousands of nurses since 2007. We provide free initial consultation on NCLEX eligibility application. Visit us today and learn how you can apply NCLEX the easy, hassle-free and safe way.

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Now you can apply
NCLEX without passing PNLE!


VERMONT BON requires SSN effective May 15, 2012
MARYLAND BON requires SSN effective January 27, 2012 v READ MORE NEWS

Continuing Education is a requirement for U.S license renewal to majority of the states. We can assist you to process it.
v   Why is it safe with NEAC?
Attention: California NCLEX-RN passer without SSN! When you passed the NCLEX exam in California, your file became valid for 3 years and according to the policy of California Board of Registered Nursing, if ......

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